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Astound US Inc is a new kind of Artist Representation business based in the borough of Manhattan in New York City, and now with offices in London.

We aim high - to Astound - by being the Agency with the best in contemporary children's book illustration, and both licensing and commercial art from around the world.

We back that up with excellence in every aspect: from the first presentation, to how we project manage, and all the way through to how we invoice.

We Astound by being good at what we do with a snappy, can-do, enthusiastic, talented and creative attitude. And yes, we're not expensive.

All those things that make for an 'astounding' outcome.

Our promise to artists: career advancement with the right clients, regular creative guidance, strong administrative support and on time payment

Drawn to better.

Be drawn to better.

No matter where you are in the world or at whichever stage of your freelance artist career you may be, we're passionate about helping your career be more successful and rewarding by creating the art you love most! We are on your side: we'll give you insider's tips and client feedback for your folio development, and also introduce you directly to leading children's publishing houses, greeting card companies, jigsaw puzzle and game manufacturers, poster and decorative product suppliers (tableware, stationery)… the list goes on!

We're here to discuss the artistic direction you'd like to pursue and make that a reality with you.

Our positive relationships with our artists have made us the most rapidly growing Artist Agency in New York, possibly the USA. Here in the center of the publishing world, we are just a few subway stops away from the biggest brands worldwide, but we don't stay local - our agents travel everywhere to showcase your portfolio (and custom-made promotional materials!), from coast to coast in the USA, to major fairs in Europe: Frankfurt, Bologna, London and beyond.

We spread the word about your talent through personalized mail-outs, regular correspondence with close contacts in the industry, and online campaigns in addition to our state of the art site - all free to you!

Our partnership with Collaborate Agency's highly experienced team of editors and designers means that we can also support you in developing original children's book ideas into full-fledged storybooks and presentations, which we bring to the biggest children's book fairs of the year.

Best of all, we make sure you're paid right on time.

Astound us! If you'd like to learn more and be represented by Astound US, please email with a sampling of your favorite pieces (8-10 .jpgs under 2MB each).

Astound Team!

Quintessential Queues from Astound Artists September 16 2019

Top 5

Taking a Look at the Quirks of Queueing

Who doesn’t love a bit of people watching! With all the characters that you get in a queue, we asked our illustrators to bring to life some of the situations many of us find ourselves in daily (and if you’re a Brit, you know we love a queue). From Taco Trucks to Airport lines, we’ve got a plethora of situational queues to show off our artist’s character designs.


Maria Perera – Everyone is drooling in this lineup for delicious tacos. Even the dog has his eye on one!

Srimalie Bassani – Train stations are busy places with people from all walks of life. We love Srimalie’s extra little details in this piece!

Gary Boller – We’ve all been there, desperate for the loo at a festival, but the only option is a long queue and an uninviting portaloo at the end.

Fran Bueno – The queue to get on a plane can be filled with mixed feelings – excitement, nervousness, exasperation! But that’s the glamour of the Jetset life.

Gloria Felix – The excitement of getting to see Santa is palpable in this piece from Gloria! So cosy.

Ilaria Campana – Some of us will know this queue better than others. I know I wouldn’t want to be outside this Headteacher’s office!

You can see more from our artist’s work above. Is there a character you love the most?


Astound Artist Agency Manhattan is a new kind of artist representation based in New York City.  We aim high – to Astound – by being the illustration agency with the best contemporary children’s book illustrators and greeting card designers that the industry has to offer. We connect publishers and artists from around the globe, with our Astound Illustration Agency London offices now open in the UK. Astound US – Drawn to better.