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Artist Biography

Claudio Molina was born in a city in the northwest of Argentina in the wintertime (although his mother told him that some gypsies left him abandoned at the door of his parent’s house). He became interested in art around the age of 13 when he saw Oscar Chichoni’s work. Since then he has mostly been self-taught. He studied a couple of years at the University of Cordoba and has had some lessons from friends and colleagues to teach him other techniques.

After living in Argentina for 37 years he moved to Bloomington, Indiana with his wife and two daughters. It was then that he went from the dark side of art to this world of children’s illustrations. He began going to story times at the library with his little girls and reading books to them, which made a great change to his life.

You could describe his art, made with both traditional and digital techniques, as like little operas for children. The vibrant colors, layered textures, and expressive characters draw you into real life children’s stories and experiences.


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