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Cristina was born in the countryside near Milan, where she lives and works, along with various animals, both bipeds and quadrupeds. Her bipeds are passionate readers of illustrated albums and honest critics. As a child, Cristina lived in a house full of books. She always preferred books about artists (at that time, who they were wasn’t so important), about geography (filled with photographs and landscapes), about zoology, and old fascinating encyclopedias (that is: about everything). As a grown woman, Cristina still lives in a house full of books.

In 2011 Cristina won the international competition organized by Giunti Editore to select the illustrator for the prestigious centenary edition of "Storie della storia del mondo" by Laura Orvieto. The sad truth is illustration was a second choice. Cristina always wanted to be a goose trainer. But she found out the hard way that geese are extremely stubborn and getting them to perform a task of any nature is impossible. So she opted for a career as an illustrator. Of this career choice, she likes to quote Marcel Duchamp: “I am an illustrator because I want freedom, I don’t like to go to the office every morning.”


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