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Elena was born and grew up in a small seaside town in the north west of Italy. Now she lives in Turin, one of the biggest and most beautiful city in Italy, full of culture, art and “things to do”.

She started to read picture books when she was a very little girl and, since she can remember, she was always in love with the beautiful pictures inside them. So she started to draw her favorite characters and she never stopped. She studied art and she specialized in Illustration at the International School of Comics in Florence (ITALY).

In her artworks she puts everything that inspires her: art, nature, design, pop culture and music. She tries to combine all these things in her personal vision. Generally her illustrations are happy, full of color, funny and a little bit weird. She loves to experiment with new techniques and styles and she constantly want to improve herself: at the moment she uses mainly digital media but she’s also totally in love with ink, markers, and traditional techniques.

After drawing, her big passions are traveling and reading: new places to discover, people to meet and good stories to know are the joy of her life and the food for her work. She is interested in human rights and equality. She is especially sensitive to the problems of women and children. She is also a fitness maniac, a yogi girl and a crazy Potterhead.


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