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One morning, in 2015, Fabio took a sleepy look at his social media account and found 100+ notifications. “What on earth?!” he thought, suddenly awake. Roughly 30 years had passed since, as a child, he copied Disney's comics while getting inspired by C64 games and spent days reading books, probably stirring some concern in his parents’ minds. He was already working as a professional illustrator since 2009, but his painting “Ulmo appears before Tuor” had been chosen as “best 2015 artwork” by the Tolkien Society!

That same year, Warner Brothers included another of his paintings in the “Behind the Scenes” documentary included in “The Hobbit” Trilogy Box set. Reading and illustrating Tolkien's literature is the most precious diversion he has in his spare time: those illustrations really resonated with the public, giving him the opportunity to exhibit in Italy, Croatia and Great Britain. His illustrations can now be found published all around the world, with much relief for his parents, much delight for his wife/colleague/best friend Smiljana, their two sons and daughter and, of course, for him.


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