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Artist Biography

Fran was born and lives in Santiago de Compostela. His age? He was two years old when the man reached the moon, and he remembers it as if it happened yesterday.

Since he was a little kid he loved comic books. He was reading El Jabato at age eight, a comic book that his father always bought him, and in that exact moment he decided to become an artist - he says he even saw a mystic light coming from the window. But then he remembers when man arrived on the moon too, so...

He studied at art school and will always be grateful to his parents for supporting him.
His motivation is to do what he does best and enjoys most, and his work, done digitally for a while now, is self demanding, precise, and requires the perfectionist in him. He recently heard that perfectionism is the same as insecurity, but he doesn’t care.

He loves traveling with his wife and kids, being with friends, books, music, movies, TV shows. Just a regular guy? He would agree. If he wasn’t an illustrator he would probably be lecturing people about how he achieved living without ever having to 'work'.


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