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Joe’s favorite super hero is Superman. Coincidentally, they were born in the same hometown – Cleveland, Ohio. Joe can credit heroes like him, and many others that grace the pages of the thousands of comic books in his collection, for his love of art and storytelling.

He broadened his circle of heroes as he studied Illustration at the Columbus College of Art and Design. Now it includes the likes of Leonardo Da Vinci, Norman Rockwell, Jack Kirby, Richard Scarry, and many more. That diversity has been the theme of his career. Joe was fortunate enough to begin working in NYC, soaking in all the inspiration that city had to offer. He has worked in graphic novels, comic books, greeting cards, stage design, graphic design, editorial illustration and children’s books.

Currently, Joe is back living and working in Cleveland. When he’s not working in his studio with his wife and listening to his favorite music or podcasts, he can be found drawing superheroes on the sidewalk with his two boys - Leo (who shares his nerdiness and love of superheroes), and Sam (whose sheer passion for life, could inspire anyone).


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