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Artist Biography

Marcela Dugont is a Brazilian ilustrator currently living in Almada Portugal.
Always begins her day’s work with a cup of coffee in the Lusitanian delicious weather, wich gives her plenty of inspiration, and mixing the scarf characters with the colorful touch that she brought from Brazil.
She beginned working in illustration when she was still a child scribbling everything she saw, and kept going even after being a mother of three children, by telling them stories and encouraging to draw also.
While baking a lot of breads, she studied Multimedia at the University of UniSanta-Santos-SP-Brazil, where she became familiar to the digital, beside the traditional, watercolor and other techniques.
After a few years working in partnership with secretary of culture, she decided to move to Portugal where lives with her husband and sons, maybe future ilustrators or cooks, who knows?
Untill now she still bakes breads and cakes.


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