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Artist Biography

Mark is an illustrator and designer with a passion for character design and storytelling. Born and raised in the Dominican Republic he has always been obsessed with the sea, beautiful island sunsets and the captivating stories about pirates, shipwrecks and mountain spirits that had sparkled his childhood .

He studied computer programing and graphic design and after graduation moved to NYC where he worked as a web developer, and graphic designer before devoting himself to illustration. After living in NYC for several years he has relocated back in Dominican Republic where he works on picture books, comics and branding.

He started training as an illustrator by taking several courses and workshops in college while obtaining his graphic design degree and is constantly working on new skills with the help of books, online classes and tutorials. His process usually starts sketching with pencil and crafting textures which are then colored and composed digitally.

Mark enjoys collecting vinyl records, comics and toys and has played bass, guitar and synths in bands since he was a teenager.


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