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Monica Garofalo

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Artist Biography

Monica Garofalo was born, lives and works in Trento, a city in northern Italy and deals with illustration and graphics. Her father was a painter and he conveyed to her the joy and passion for painting, art and music, teaching her the joy of colors and imagination from an early age; in every picture by her father there is always a small leaf or a flower designed by her!
She graduated in Graphic Design and Multimedia at the LABA academy and honed her innate skills by participating in various artistic training courses, illustration courses and becoming certified in digital graphics.

She was selected in the years 2014 and 2015 for the two exhibitions at MAG in Riva del Garda of the two contests of the Notte di Fiaba. She came in second place in the competition organized by Lucca comics for Sammontana in 2014, and was selected in the "Libraries in fiore" competition of 2018.

She worked for ten years for a Roman publishing house as an illustrator and editorial graphic designer, with the publication of various illustrated books for children. She is also involved in creative workshops for children, both in public events and in summer facilities, and currently teaches adults a vectorial illustration, graphics and visual communication, at companies and for private individuals.

In her work she uses various digital software, but she has not abandoned paper and colors completely, enjoying working with acrylic and oil pastels in particular. She collaborates with publishers creating illustrations for picture books, fairy tales and magazine covers.
In her spare time she divides her time between house cleaning, her three children, her husband, two dogs and a cat. She likes to sing and was a soloist in a band.


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