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Nadia Ronquillo was born and raised in Guayaquil, Ecuador. Ever since she could remember, she had a pencil in her hand. She spent her entire childhood drawing and painting in coloring books or sketchbooks. During her youth, she was fortunate enough to assist with several art courses and programs that introduced her to watercolor, acrylics, pastels, and oil painting. She even had the opportunity to paint murals every once in a while.

Nadia gained a bachelor’s degree in Design and Audiovisual Production, but illustration and character design is what she loves to do the most. She is easily inspired by a great book, a song on the radio, a pattern – anything that can inspire her to come up with a great character or idea for a scene.

She would like her work to be as enchanting, funny, whimsical, and cute as the animation movies she grew up watching. Nadia is keen to develop her digital painting technique, but every single one of her paintings start with a tiny sketch on her moleskin.

When Nadia isn’t painting, she’s reading books or obsessing over a new TV show.


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