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Paul Coulbois was born in France in 1968. He studied graphic design in Paris and later worked at Gallimard Jeunesse publishing in charge of desktop publishing and infographics. Back then, computer screens were huge in size, computers used massive amounts of cables, and software did not perform very well… but he could overcome those adverse circumstances.

He relocated to Madrid in 1996 where, as a free-lance illustrator, he dove into infographics and map design, until he felt the urge to resume hand-made drawing and painting. His works have been published in educational magazines, encyclopedic and schoolbooks, mainly in France and Spain.

Paul truly enjoys re-creating ancient times sceneries as much as he, as an eight-year-old school boy, liked drawing enormous fortified castles, full of busy characters. He has not changed much since! When working on a schoolbook, he values the advice he gets from his own kids.


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