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Artist Biography

Roberta was born in 1980 in Padua, Italy. She lives in an orange house with a big garden together with her husband and her adorable little daughter.
She studied Design at the Art School in Padova, graduated from the Art Academy of Venice, and studied graphic to International School of Comics; she has also attended several workshops for children’s books. She worked as designer for 7 years, but her passion for illustration was so intense that she started to work as a freelance illustrator.
Roberta mainly uses digital techniques to create her pictures, but also loves to use only a pencil on a white piece of paper.
She loves drawing, and this for her is like breathing: she cannot live without it!
In her free time, Roberta likes taking long walks, playing with her daughter and her little friends, eating chocolate and taking care her bonsai named “Gino”.


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