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Sam Froelich

Artist Biography

Sam was born and bred in the UK, but is a duel UK/US national. He currently lives in the cosy little
town of Petersfield, surrounded by hills and countryside. He graduated from the University of
Chichester, with a degree in Fine Arts. Although schooled in traditional art forms, he has adopted
digital illustration as his preferred medium. In the past, he has volunteered at the Pallant House
Gallery. He also became involved in the ‘Artscape’ programme for helping those with learning and
mental disabilities to draw and paint.
Sam is a child at heart who enjoys being inspired by the world of animation, comics and pop
culture, bringing those various influences into his designs. He is an avid film fan and collector of
movies and will never say no to a trip to the cinema.
He describes his artwork as cute, friendly with a hint of humour added in for good measure. He
uses sharp colours and bold simple forms when creating his designs, allowing the narrative of the
design to be easily read.
He believes in an honest and strong communication with the client, building a solid foundation to
allow for the work to show the strengths of the collaboration.
Sam finds the best approach to being creative is a good cup of coffee, up beat music and the
limitless bounds of one’s own imagination.


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