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Simon Taylor-Kielty

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Artist Biography

Ever since he can remember, Simon has always coloured stuff in. He comes from Manchester, England, but now lives in the Cotswolds in a little town called Malmesbury.

Simon has been a professional colorer-inner since 1990, after leaving college. His first job was as a surface pattern illustrator for a tableware manufacturer.

Most of the work that Simon has done has been for the greeting card industry. He has also illustrated two Bibles and several children’s picture books.

Simon’s style usually involves scanning in a drawing, sometimes done in pastel or pencil, and dropping texture and colour behind it digitally. He loves light and shadow and how they play on differently shaped surfaces and textures.

Simon loves telling stories! If he can get a story across in one picture, then he’s a happy bunny. Using illustration to connect with someone you probably will never meet and seeing illustrations you’ve done on product in the shops is the best thing ever. Fact!


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