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Chiara was born in 1976 in Padua, Italy. As a child, she loved drawing, playing with stuffed animals with her brother, and travelling with her parents around Europe by camper.

Chiara studied History and Critic of Cinema and for some years taught Italian in the USA and Czech Republic. But ever since she was in the high school, Chiara wanted to be an illustrator. She studied illustration with Arcadio Lobato, Maurizio Quarello, Svjetlan Junaković, Carll Cneut and with the publisher Paolo Canton (Topipittori).

Chiara usually works with traditional media, especially temperas and colored pencils, but she is recently experimenting with printmaking as well. Animals are her favourite subjects for illustrations.

As she loves big cities and warm weather, in 2008 she moved to Rome, where she now teaches illustration and drawing to children and adults and works on picture books in her 5th floor flat. When she is tired of being at home, she bikes around town and sketches city corners and people.
Chiara is also part of a group of artists who meet once a week for drawing together with models.

Outside of drawing, she can be found going to the cinema, reading novels, and making big abstract oil paintings.


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