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Danny Deeptown is a professional freelance illustrator living in South Wales, UK.

Some might say he is an endangered species as he is not seen by many, but the truth is he is an elusive creature who is most often found in his studio drawing away for long periods of time with wildlife documentaries on in the background and his cat, Bernie, for company.

Being obsessed with wildlife from a young age, Deeptown found his love of drawing through hours of copying scientific illustrations from books of animals and dinosaurs.

Heavily influenced by classic book illustration, Danny's love of ink & watercolor and eccentricity of line is very evident in his work. He has a real passion for good ol' drawing and whilst he is most happy working traditionally, his more recent works combine a mixture of traditional and digital media to add texture and vibrancy to gain originality. This has added a new contemporary freshness to his work.

As character plays a vital role in his illustrations, he feels it is vital that a character is believable, full of life and behaves in a way children can really relate to.

When not in his studio, Danny likes to spend his time adventuring and seeking out new places relatively remote in nature. He is happiest in a secret place surrounded by trees with passing water where he can sit and reflect with his son, River, and tell him “That's what you're named after.” On these days, he occasionally tries to sneak off in search for some quiet time with his sketchbook, but it's not long until he gets caught out by Mummy and is told, “This is family day, Deeptown. Stop sneaking!'

Despite being a massive 60's rock n roll fan, Danny's favorite sound is silence, but these days he doesn't get to hear it very often.


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