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Elisa Paganelli, a.k.a. Ellie Page, is an Italian illustrator, visual designer, and (at the moment) a writer for lifestyle and trend magazines. Her passion for images and words have become the job to which she devotes most of her days and nights, accompanied by a cup of tea and four cuddly pets.

Elisa lives in her own world and is attracted to any expressive art and what is different, new, and unconventional. Her works is basically digital and it evolves day by day thanks to workshops and intensive research. Among clients, she’s known for being professional, creative, versatile, and quick. Elisa gives 100% and is always trying to improve her skills.
She attended the Institute of Art and subsequently graduated from the European Institute of Design (IED) in Turin with a degree in illustration. Her post-grad job at an important communication agency showed her that this grey routine couldn’t be her life, so she started her own business. As the owner of a design concept studio, she had the pleasure of selecting design brands and developing great relationships with customers and employees.

In her free time, Elisa likes to read and travel with her creative husband, who is also her best friend and severest critic (apart from herself, of course).


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