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Elisa Paganelli was born in Modena (Italy) in 1985, and since childhood cannot resist the smell of paper and pencils. She attended the Institute of Art and subsequently graduated from the European Institute of Design (IED) in Turin with a degree in illustration. As a post-grad, Elisa worked as art director for a communication agency. However she realized that this wasn’t the life for her, so she decided to set up her own art and design studio. (She also ran a successful design shop for 6 years, but this is another story). She now collaborates with publishers and advertising agencies all over the world.

Elisa devotes most of her time to her passion for images and words. Her day starts with an espresso, meditation and a walk with her dogs along the countryside.
Her world expand and contract in a constant introspective and artistic research, which took her close during the years to Zen Buddhism and oriental culture, a return to traditional artistic technique such as linocut printmaking, and a renewed love for artisan shops, paper, wood and fabric. A balance between daily job, and activities that require to switch off the laptop and brain thinking, to let flow feelings and recover awareness.
Her dream is to travel the world by living here and there, knowing different cultures and places. She devotes her spare time to volunteering with animals.


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