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Elizaveta Tretyakova

Artist Biography

Based in Moscow, Russia, Liza works as a children's book illustrator and also creates illustrations for advertising. For the last couple of years she has been working as an art-director for different children's book projects. Liza creates her illustrations using different Medias, she loves details and fantasy creatures but she also likes to draw animals, food items and children. She has a huge passion for horses (and she used to work with horses, having a horse of her own) and she goes in for HEMA fencing, belonging to the club, so if Liza were not an illustrator, she would probably have been a medieval knight. Liza got a BA in Illustration from the University of Plymouth, UK. She studied History of Art at Moscow State University, was awarded the first prize for the best children's book illustration in the International Publishing Competition "The New Children's Book" (Rosman Publishing House). Liza has taken part in different illustration exhibitions.


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