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Born in 1975 in Turin, Italy near the big FIAT car factory, Laura found everything in her neighborhood quite grim, except for the papers she used to draw on! Her childhood was filled with colorful drawings, cartoons on TV, and playing in the yard with friends... and those things are still filling her days, so not much has changed. Now her technique is more refined and styles are different, but she is still having the same fun.

Laura never liked school and even teachers, so she never attended any specific course or learned from a specific master. In 2000, she met a children's book illustrator and learned many things from working with him. She started to collaborate with many Italian publishers, newspapers, and advertising agencies. Since then, Laura has won awards and received honors for her funny and playful style, which is much loved by children but also by older people, who find her drawings dreamy and melancholic.


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