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Mari Lobo

Artist Biography

Mari was born and raised in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Being the youngest of 3 siblings and the only artist of a huge extended family lead her to be a very social person. She was always fond of drawing and painting, but her childhood was spent playing on streets and climbing trees more so than staying at home and drawing. By age 15 she decided to be an artist, and after a quick detour-- getting a degree in industrial design and working a couple years in the fashion industry-- she moved to California and Attended the Academy of Art in SF where she got her Masters in Visual Development for Animation.

She lives in the Sunny Bay Area (with her awesome classical musician husband) where she goes to concerts, on hikes, and to dinner with friends, but mostly sits in front of her computer and draws all day every day. Mari likes to draw for kids because she loved being a child herself.


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