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Marie-Noëlle Horvath was born in a town near the French Alps in 1978 and spent part of her childhood in Uruguay. After completing her studies in textile arts in Lyon, she decided to work as a freelancer. Initially she concentrated on textiles, but later began to illustrate for children’s publishing.
Today, she is an illustrator and a pattern designer for children’s books, kids wear, but also with arts and crafts activity books (one of her books, "Little Felted Animals,” was translated to English at Watson-Guptill Publications).
Marie works digitally for the most part but also in embroidery and felt.
She has kept the taste for fabrics, materials, coulors and that's how she imagines and makes her textile illustrations.
What she likes most is drawing animals and plants.
Marie currently lives in Paris with her husband Carl and her cat Nonette.
In her spare time, she likes to do the same things she does when she is working: drawing, sewing, embroidering, engraving, and felting, but also cooking, working on her tiny kitchen garden, going to the cinema, discovering new places in Paris, traveling, doing nothing, thinking…
If she were not an illustrator, she'd like to be a cat-watcher!


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