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Talitha was born and raised in Fort Wayne, Indiana. As soon as she could hold a crayon, she was off to the races. She’s been doodling ever since and hasn’t looked back (except for that one time in college when she almost switched her major to Geology. It was a moment of madness). Now she LOVES illustrating children's books. It's so much fun to see a book come to life over the course of a few months. It's just like magic!

Talitha has won several awards like Sidney Taylor Honor Book for “Everybody Says Shalom '' and 2019 IPPY Silver Award for “First Snow ''. She has also been working towards using fewer plastics and no longer using chemical sunscreens which can damage coral reefs. Instead, she has been using a physical sunscreen that contains non-nano Zinc or Titanium, safe for the environment and for humans!


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