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Lucia was born in a little seaside town in northwestern Spain. She has ever since travelled and lived in different places and is now based in London, where she lives with her husband and a tiny apple tree.

She attended Art School graduating in Design and Plastic Arts and went to work in advertising. After a few years as an Art Director in a busy advertising agency she decided she wanted to pursue her lifelong passion of drawing and she has never looked back.

She is interested in people and their stories through time and this is a major influence in her work. She finds visual inspiration in graphics and illustration from the mid 20th century, vintage fashion magazines and old Hollywood films.

She works in a variety of media including watercolour, ink, markers, colour pencils and digital drawing for her work in illustration, lettering and map design.

Aside from drawing, she loves Julie London, Art Deco, overdressing and walking everywhere. She spends her days drawing things that are half nonsense and half all sense, the stuff that makes her life silly and beautiful.


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