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As soon as Sally was aware that you could do art as a job, that was all she wanted to do. She studied its various forms after leaving school and graduated from Brighton University nearly 20 years ago, and has lived in (or near) that vibrant city ever since.

Sally applies a midcentury inspired style to subjects from nature. Trees, leaves and animals, particularly birds, are a major source of inspiration: Charley Harper has been one influence. Like him, Sally loves translating complex natural subjects into their basic components, designing them as flat, graphic forms with simple decorative detail on Adobe Illustrator and a little bit of Photoshop when she wants to add some texture.

Sally’s source of inspiration is a fusion of nature and equally of contemporary art that she finds in independent galleries. She loves screen-printing and that method also influences the simplicity in her work – whether she intends the design to end up as a print or not.

Sally works from home, generally without music (she tends to get lost in daydreams if she does) and is currently contemplating getting a cat. If felines start proliferating her work, you’ll know her decision.


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