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Addy was born and raised in a little town in the south of Mexico, a town with a farmers market (full of people, fruits, flowers and colors) and a house (full of books) where she grew up. Both daily life and books continue to be great inspirations for her. She has loved creating characters and worlds on paper ever since she was a little girl, as everything was always possible there. Drawing was her magic power!

An animal lover, she has been a vegetarian since she was five years old, and is currently an official cat lady sharing a roof with five cats and a dog. She loves reading, eating, drinking coffee and boba milk tea! Her favorite place is any bookstore that has that old book smell. Aside from drawing, her favorite hobbies are doing projects with her sister, who is a toy designer, and watching old Argentinian soap operas.

It inspires her to think that stories and art are slowly but surely changing the way people understand themselves and perceive others, building empathy and a more inclusive world.


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