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Annalisa grew up in a big house with a marvelous garden, and at first, she wanted to become an architect. She graduated from the Architectural University of Venice in 2006 and moved to Milan, where she still lives with her family. After four years as a professional in architecture, her encounters with contemporary architectural design led her to realize that drawing was a form of communication that could transcend age, geography, language, and gender. While still working at an architectural office, Annalisa created her first illustrated story for some friends in medicine and therapy that could encourage their young patients. It found a publisher in 2010 and marked the beginning of Annalisa’s new career as an illustrator and educational designer.

Annalisa has become an award-winning children’s book artist in the subjects of chemistry, pediatrics, and other varied fields. She defines her job as giving a shape to every communication requirement. For her, illustration is the easiest, most powerful, and most democratic way to make every theme, from the most painful to the most exclusive one, accepted and understood by everyone, regardless of age.


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