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Artist Biography

Camilla was born in a village surrounded by the mountains in the North of Italy, where she still lives with her family.
She started her work as an illustrator for children’s books using traditional techniques among which watercolors. Then she specialized in digital arts attending with success the Academy of Digital Arts Nemo, in Florence.
She is a creative artist who has always been able to use her amazing fantasy to build her own world, full of colours and magic.
She is curious and a nature lover too. Being in strict contact with nature feeds her imagination and makes her feel free.
She truly loves everythig that is cute, like her little cat, named “Dolce”.
Among her strong passions, psychology and pedagogy are relevant; in fact she loves children and to look at things with their eyes, full of wonder. If she had not become an illustrator, she would definitely become a teacher in a nursery school.


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