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Cinzia Battistel

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Artist Biography

Cinzia was born in Milan in 1963. Since graduating in painting at the Academy of Fine Art at Milan, she went on to become a freelance illustrator. Years later, she fled to the countryside not far from the shore, to paint illustrations and take a dip in the sea. You can find the colors of the Italian landscape in all her artwork, whether in watercolors, pastels, or digital paintings.

Cinzia specializes in illustrating landscapes, travel, and stories from life. Seas and mountains, animals and children, magazines and books, paper and film, the leitmotif is the journey.
She has been involved in animation pre-production, working on story concept, concept design, colors, scripts. and backgrounds. She is teaching all of this to her students at the School of Cinema of Milano. Cinzia sometimes writes for for tv animation series and books.

She also loves puppies and all the little animals that live near her home, like hoopoes, fawns, owls and the little eagles who sit on the power lines of her broadband internet which is often a bit slow. Nature is the best inspirer of her
naturalistic illustrated books.
After starting her career as a children's book illustrator, she moved her interests to be aligned more with arts.
Cinzia’s artwork and watercolor paintings have been shown at many exhibitions, recently two solo shows, and paintings in galleries in Ancona, Senigallia and Milano.
She is attracted to places made of silence and shadows and the graphics of their landscape and cultures, but also stories of migration. Her most recent book that is about to come out in Italy is a story of refugees in Italy.
She has worked with following publishers: Usborne, Evans. Loescher, Helbling, Raffaello editore,Lineadaria, Capstone, Zanichelli,Usborne. Pearson, Benchmark, Eli, Feltrinelli, Giunti, Mondadori,Zanichelli, Home Town World.

Here is a selection of brands which she has worked with in the past few years: Conad, Ferrero, Micra,Findus, Philip Morris, Roche, Daikin, Standa. Telecom, Micos mediobanca, Bennet,Shire.
Her illustrations are set to appear in Italian magazines.
She has been recognized several times by the Annual of Italian Illustration.

When Cinzia isn’t creating art, growing spinach, or making jams, she returns to Milan to teach at the School of Cinema.


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