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Ema was born and raised in Belarus. Thanks to her mom, she fell in love with children’s books when she was a kid, and this love grew into her profession. She finished college, specializing in fine art at preschool.  Then she graduated University as an art critic.Now she lives in a cozy town called Alkmaar, in the Netherlands.Over the past few years, she has created many bright characters, illustrated several books for kids, and worked on various commercial projects.She works with both traditional materials and Photoshop. Often sheI starts on paper and then does post-production in Photoshop. But in many cases she goes fully digital as well. She loves both approaches and she chooses the most suitable one based on a particular project.She loves creating cute characters and illustrations that are simple, but at the same time are full of interesting details. Children's books are her real passion. Ema is also a co-organizer of the group of artists and illustrators Sketch & Breakfast in Amsterdam


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