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Emily Krueger

Artist Biography

Emily Krueger was born in Duluth, Minnesota. She studied graphic design and fine art at Bemidji State University, with a fine art focus in oil painting. She spent several years in Bemidji before moving back to Duluth with her husband Steven, and their baby Otto. She was active in the Bemidji art community: participating in the Bemidji Sculpture Walk, showcasing work at local venues, teaching workshops, and receiving a 2015 Individual Artist Grant from the Region 2 Art Council.
Her illustration mediums are primarily pencil, acrylics, and digital painting. Every piece starts with a detailed line drawing – often just on cardstock paper. Emily still oil paints on occasion, but is passionate about drawing.
Outside of illustrating, Emily and her husband enjoy parenting, camping, hiking, and their exotic pets. Currently living in the countryside, there is no shortage of inspiration for her work with their back woods and all of its little woodland inhabitants.


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