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Emma was born in a little city in Staffordshire called Lichfield in 1988 and has a love of drawing guinea-pigs as superheroes. She currently lives in south London and works from her bright green and pink studio drinking copious amounts of tea and listening to Elton John. She has a pet tortoise to keep her company called Celine who loves to eat kale.

Emma studied Graphic Design in Bath and spent a lot of her days printmaking and getting covered in paint. Recently she spent a month travelling around India and was inspired by everything from hand painted typography to the wonderful smells in markets…and of course the Chai!

Her artwork is nostalgic and heartwarming and focuses on charming people, places and meaningful objects. Emma begins by creating hand painted textures and hand drawn illustration and combines all of the elements together on Illustrator.

Emma recently worked with The Daily Telegraph and produced one of her favourite pieces of editorial work to date as she loves showing storytelling within her work.
In Emma’s spare time she is also a fully qualified personal trainer and has ran 4 marathons in different countries.


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