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Francesca Resta is an Italian illustrator currently living in London, UK.
She was born in Brescia, Italy, during the ‘80s and grew up loving both art and science.

When she was 12, a fateful encounter with the novel “The Sword of Shannara” changed her life and she has been an avid reader of fantasy and science fiction ever since. Her art reflects her love for fantasy books and illustration.

For her artistic education, Francesca is always looking for opportunities to learn: from lessons on traditional media, to intensive workshops with her illustration heroes, to drawing meetups in London. Now she is also discovering the great potential of online courses and mentorships, anything to keep challenging herself and to never stop learning.

Digital painting is her primary artistic technique because it allows her to follow her natural flow while creating an image, but traditional techniques such as watercolour and acrylic painting are taking more and more space in her art.


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