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Artist Biography

It was October 4th 1991 when the world fell into grave danger. Jordan Wray was born.

Growing up, Jordan lived in a city called Sheffield in England, but since then, he has lived all over the UK. From what he can recall of his childhood, there were no ‘influences’ or ‘moments’ as such, to inspire him into his creative career… apparently, he was just born with a pencil and got on with it.

As Jordan got older, he always chose art as an option throughout school, doodling in math books. He was never an academic person, which made him go forth and study illustration at university, achieving a first class Honors.
Jordan since worked in illustration for major greeting card clients and stores.

The thing that keeps Jordan’s inspiration going is solitude. He adores going for walks by himself on the beach or in a forest. This is where he gathers shells and inspiration, makes up stories, and collects pinecones… His cat, Iver, also plays a huge part in character development and scenarios. Jordan could sit and watch what she gets up to all day.


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