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Kelly Breemer is an illustrator from the wonderful city of Utrecht, the Netherlands.

Being kind of energetic and enthusiastic, she started working in all kinds of creative fields after graduating from art school in 2012. Children’s books, animation, typography and lettering, infographics, character design, screen printing... you name it.

And after working as a digital illustrator for a couple of years, she decided that it was time to climb higher up the ladder! Well, an actual ladder, that is: to paint big murals.

Now, she has found the perfect combination: making murals and chalk-art in various locations (and therefore, travelling to new places and enjoying lots of local cappuccinos)… and working as a digital illustrator from home, or just where ever she wants to!
Her favourite part of her work is the variety of projects and styles, the flexibility and the meeting of new people (and the cappuccino of course).


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