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Kong-Yew Wong

Artist Biography

Kong is an illustrator and designer from Cardiff, who has a keen eye for character design and lettering. Kong was born in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia in 1984, but has lived in Cardiff since an early age, where he still currently resides with his lovely wife and two adorable cats.

Kong’s inspiration is largely drawn from growing up in the 80s, where a childhood obsession with cartoon characters, video games and children’s books paved the way for his career as a designer. Characters have always excited him. As a child, if he wasn’t playing with a Ninja Turtle action figure, he’d be drawing monsters on his bedroom wall or playing Super Mario on his beloved NES. Kong is happy to report that he hasn’t outgrown this obsession and still regularly enjoys all of the above.

Having graduated in 2008 in Product Design, he found that his heart was still looking for a career in drawing fun lovable illustrations. Kong landed himself a job at one of the UK’s top greeting card publishers and this gave him the opportunity to shape and hone his drawing potential. After gaining invaluable experience, Kong proceeded to look into work as a freelance illustrator, where he has found success and happiness in this lifestyle. Specialising in greetings cards for the majority of his professional career, Kong is looking to turn his hand to picture books and really let his imagination fly!


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