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Nicholas Jackson is a Minnesota-based illustrator. Through his younger years, he enjoyed drawing and creating characters and would spend hours drawing in his sketchbooks.

It was not until his later years in college, that he decided he wanted to be an illustrator and obtained a BFA with an emphasis on illustration. Nicholas also has a brilliant wife and three amazing children.
If he were not an illustrator, Nicholas would be a private detective as he really enjoys the Sherlock Holmes books by Arthur Conan Doyle.

Nicholas finds that most people usually confuse his profession with graphic design. This confusion is typically lifted when he tells them he draws monsters for a living. He is also part of at least three secret drawing societies!

Nicholas listens to audiobooks when he draws as this helps get the creative juices flowing.
His typical picture making method is an insane combination of pencil/watercolor/acrylic and digital trickery. From time to time, he dabbles in digital only illustration, which is very exciting.

Nicholas loves to tell stories and chase art. His hope is not to only create pretty pictures but pictures that change people, tell a narrative and leave the viewer a different person.


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