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Paloma was born in Santiago de Chile in 1978. Chile is a long and narrow country, like a pencil. Maybe that's why she’s always liked to draw. Paloma also likes to hear and tell stories. Since children are the best listeners in the world, she decided to write and illustrate for them.

Paloma’s inspiration comes from life. When she works, she usually watches documentaries about nature, science, and exceptional people. Her father was a geologist and from him, she inherited a special love for natural forces. Chile is a country of earthquakes and tsunamis, but far from being scared of them, they make her feel that we humans are but a small part of the nature, and that’s the place she likes to consider ours.

Paloma lived for seven years in Barcelona and has traveled a lot, but there are many countries that she still hasn’t seen. She looks forward to when her 6-year-old son is older, so that they can venture together through the jungle and deserts to find new stories to write and draw for children.


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