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Sumi is a magenta-haired illustrator based in Italy.

She was born in Ravenna in 1990 and from that moment she thought that drawing was better than bruising her knees while playing with the other kids. However, bruising them anyway while playing with dogs sounded fine, so she now lives with a family of three very rustic dogs, determined not to ever live without Spinones (the dog breed).

Her artistic studies began on the web right before attending an Art High School in her town. She started working in 2006 as Pixel Artist for 3 dress-up websites. In 2009 she moved to Rome to study illustration and then started to work freelance, illustrating children's books, proposal scenes for young couples (again, lots of bruised knees), and card games.

She loves both traditional and digital painting, so she also likes to mix them. Her main inspirations are Golden Age artists and Disney animators from the middle of the 1900's, Jiri Trnka and everything that looks feminine and refined.


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