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Joaquín París was born in Galicia (Spain) in 1981. In the pre-Internet age, his hobbies were playing war games with his friends, chasing all kinds of bugs, building log cabins, drawing, drawing ... and redrawing.
He is a self-trained illustrator, although he studied graphic design at the prestigious Ramón Falcón School in Lugo, the city where he lives. His drawings are normally meant for children and the young. He likes new challenges and works using different styles and techniques. His primary medium is digital format, although pencil and paper are his inseparable companions.

Lately, the source of great ideas comes from his little daughter who is a constant inspiration. He enjoys seeing the world through her eyes. Rock and jazz can always be heard in his studio. If he wasn’t working as an illustrator, he could possibly be an international rock star, a neighbourhood superhero, or maybe a horrible carpenter.


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