Alla Khatkevich

Alla Khatkevich

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Alla Khatkevich

Alla Khatkevich

Alla is an illustrator who was born in the town of Ulan-Ude. Every summer when she was a child, she would go camping with her father by the lake. On these camping trips, fishing, picking berries, and sleeping in tents, is when Alla first fell in love with fairy tales. Alla has also loved to draw and went on to study art and architecture. Despite her degree in architecture, she is now completely immersed in creating magical illustrations for children’s books. She enjoys illustrating for picture books and chapter books. Her biggest inspirations are fairytales and cinematography, especially 2D and stop-motion animation. She currently works digitally, and is looking forward to experimenting with mixing digital and traditional techniques in the future. Alla also loves to travel with her husband and is inspired by these new places and cultures. Alla’s adorable dog, who looks like a cheerful fox, is always next to her while she works.

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