Anastasiya Kanavaliuk

Anastasiya Kanavaliuk

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Anastasiya Kanavaliuk

Anastasiya Kanavaliuk

Ana was born in 1999 in Brest, Belarus, where she spent her childhood. Ana’s parents have had a huge impact on her career choice. They’d been supporting all her interests as a kid, which allowed her to find what she loves. The educational journey was long yet exciting, and it still goes on. After years of art classes at school and two years of Design at the university, she decided to study Graphic Arts in Poland, where she currently lives. Ana’s biggest inspiration is nature. She is one of those people who feel happy in any weather, at any time of the day or year. She’s a big lover of traveling but going home to hug her family and two fluffy cats is always the best journey. In her illustrations, she pays great attention to the atmosphere, feelings, and values.


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