Chelen Ecija

Chelen Ecija

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Chelen Ecija

Chelen Ecija

Chelen was born in sunny Spain with a silver crayon in her mouth. She started drawing on restaurant placemats at age 2 and now she cant stop illustrating. She is also addicted to traveling, eating sunflower seeds and buying new books. She finished her Fine Arts degree at The School of the Art Institute of Chicago, and then she worked in Chicago as the art director of a toy company. Now she is back in Europe, working as a freelance illustrator where she has specialized in her true passion: hand lettering and childrens illustration. Her style is witty and upbeat. Letterforms hog the spotlight in her illustrations. Serifs, sans serifs, ligatures, numerals and small caps compose her visual vocabulary and she enjoys mixing these with lovable animals and characters. Chelen is the representative of Spain at the European Illustrators Forum and she enjoys giving lectures about illustration that help other illustrators that are starting out. She also sits on the board at APIM, the Association of Professional Illustrators of Madrid


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