Elena Bia

Elena Bia

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Elena Bia

Elena Bia

Elena ( alias Ofride ) was born in a little town in the northen Italy, near themontains of Alps. She drawing since she was a child and decided to attend artistic formation. First, the Academy of Art in Turin and then The International School of Comics in the same city. She started to work as comic colorist for several studies in Italy and as comic artist for private client. From few years she work as illustrator for italian editors and as teacher for the Academy of Fine Art and Media in Novara. In her free time, she put her heart in a personal comicstories : “Nilihuè” and “Le Masche!. She is fascinated by the Art Nouveau and Symbolism and love to walk on the beach and trough the woods. The flowers are the most beautiful form of life, for her


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