Kristen Adam

Kristen Adam

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Kristen Adam

Kristen Adam

Kristen is based in the beautiful city of San Francisco, but grew up a tiny explorer of the wild redwood forests of northern California. Her love of getting lost in the fantasies of her doodles led her to study illustration at California College of the Arts, where she discovered her passion for illustrating children’s books. As a freelance illustrator, Kristen’s work is a whimsical mix of digital media and traditional textures. A few of her favorite projects include illustrating the patterns on her nephews’ favorite Harry Potter, Star Wars Mandolorian, and Lego sheet sets. She’s inspired most by spending time in nature and finding magic in the seemingly ordinary. When she's not wandering the woods identifying wildflowers, she loves stargazing, reading sci-fi/fantasy novels, practicing archery, and snuggling her dog Charlie


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