Sol Salinas

Sol Salinas

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Sol Salinas

Sol Salinas

Sol Salinas is a non-binary artist from San Antonio, Texas. At a young age, they fell in love with history while watching old Hollywood movies with their grandmother. They also loved to play pretend and create fantastical worlds in their backyard, from fairies to princes and everything in between. They have never lost that sense of wonder or their passion for consuming history, describing their work as equal parts whimsical and historical, finding magic in everything and everyone. Sol's loving family inspires them to create stories of extraordinary children with families of all shapes and sizes. They now live in their hometown with two very lovely pups, Mercy and Maisy. When they aren’t drawing, Sol can usually be found reading fantasy novels (Their favorite is Lord of The Rings), collecting rose quartz, drinking warm cups of tea, and listening to their favorite music: Fleetwood Mac.


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