Ashlee Spink

Ashlee Spink

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Ashlee Spink

Ashlee Spink

Ashlee is a freelance illustrator currently living and working in Dorset, UK. She holds a BA in Illustration from the Arts University Bournemouth after graduating in 2016. Ashlee specialises in the children’s market, creating picture books & illustrations for Art Licensing. She loves incorporating lots of little details in her illustrations, working within pastel colour palettes and creating adorable characters. Ashlee’s passion for drawing developed at an early age and was inspired by the artwork in picture books and comics such as Calvin & Hobbes. One of her earliest creative memories is practicing her drawing skills by copying the artwork on the front of Disney VHS boxes with her Dad. When she's not doodling away, Ashlee is happiest outside; immersing herself in nature, exploring new places in the sunshine, and preferably next to a water source - much like the growing collection of plants in her little garden

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