Chiara Galletti

Chiara Galletti

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Chiara Galletti

Chiara Galletti

Chiara Galletti almost choked on the umbilical cord, but fortunately she was born without further mishap. As a witty embryo, she had already discovered how hard life was. But there was a way to overcome that: drawing! And so she took to the pencil and drew her first line, a sine wave, and felt better already! Chiara is a children’s book illustrator and character designer with a degree in advertising from the University for Foreigners of Perugia, where she lives. Now she specialies in E-design at the Academy of Digital Arts Nemo in Florence. Currently she is working in advertising, publishing, and web as a freelancer and organizing drawing workshops for children and adults at the Biblioteca delle Nuvole of Perugia. Chiara is very curious and loves learning new things and observing the world around her in every way possible: by traveling, by reading, by watching movies, by visiting art exhibitions, by meeting new people. Drawing for her is not a hobby or a job; it is a mission. She likes to make people happy with her art and her colors

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