Chiara Fedele

Chiara Fedele

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Chiara Fedele

Chiara Fedele

Chiara Fedele was born in Milan in 1973. She lives in a little village 50 km far from Milan called Tromello where she lives with her family and her pets. Chiara attended Art School in Milan and took a degree in Illustration at La Scuola del Fumetto in Milan. She has also attended several workshops with illustrators such as Gianni DeConno, Arcadio Lobato, Svjetlan Junakovic and a course with the publisher Paolo Canton (Topipittori) called Projecting Books. Chiara loves bright colors and contrast. She uses a combination of mixed traditional media and digital. Her artwork is varied and she feels her style is always evolving. Expressionism is her favorite art period and she has a particular love for the works of J.S. Sargent, Touluse Lautrec, and Egon Schiele. She teach Illustration and Painting techniques in International School of Comics in Brescia and Padova

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