Diana Renzina

Diana Renzina

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Diana Renzina

Diana Renzina

Diana was born in 1989 in Riga, Latvia, where she grew up and lives at the moment. Her hometown is a nice mix of cobbled streets, pine forests, cold sea, Art Nouveau architecture, and many other beautiful things, and it has always been a great inspiration for her. She is mostly a self-taught artist, but she has been studying digital design in a local university and that helped her to understand how to make projects, not just random pictures.She has worked in a couple of creative agencies as a full-time illustrator as well. Her two main sources of inspiration are folklore and nature. A lot of works in her portfolio are based on Latvian mythology and traditional celebrations, as well as on seasonal changes in a world around her, like blooming magnolias in spring and a first snow in a forest. Outside of drawing, she enjoys taking photos (a lot!), being in nature, dancing tango, listening to music and reading books (both fiction and nonfiction


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